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Nothing lasts forever, especially internships.

10 weeks of weekly assignments and reporting on the status of my internship has come to an end. My final semester in the Troy University undergrad program is quickly approaching, and I can’t say that I’m sad to see it end. December can’t get here fast enough. I’m pretty sure I’m going to throw a party when it’s over. Which at 31, basically consists of junk food, a movie, my pajamas and possibly a kid-free evening. Don’t judge.

What’s next for Whittaker Marketing’s favorite intern?

The answer is pretty obvious. Well, in my head anyways. I’m going to stick around South Cherokee for as long as they will let me.

Don’t tell the boss, but I’m pretty sure they would be lost without me. I’m almost positive the first thing they do in the morning is thank the good Lord above for sending me to them. Well, maybe not the first thing, but I’m sure I’m not too far down that list anyway.

Really, I am going to continue working with Sharon and the gang for a little while, and who knows what will happen in the future.

There are some exciting things going on around our office these days. As marketing and public relations professionals, we are always looking for new and better ways to serve our clients.

Whittaker Marketing is where it’s at, folks! Thriving in the craziness, bringing thoughts and ideas to life.

I look forward to whatever life brings, but I’m especially excited for the opportunity to continue creating for our clients with coworkers who are extraordinary, gifted, and creative professionals that I can now call friends.


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