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Pinterest Updates Terms of Service

Even if you aren’t using Pinterest, you have at least heard of the fastest growing social media platform. Over the past few weeks, Pinterest has updated its Terms of Service and Policies to better reflect the direction the company is heading. To inform “pinners” of these changes, the Pinterest Team sent out an e-mail detailing the most important changes. Here they are…

  • The original Terms of Service stated that by posting content to Pinterest, you grant Pinterest permission to sell your content. The Pinterest Team agreed selling content was not their intention, so they have removed this from their Terms of Service.
  • Pinterest will no longer allow pins that explicitly encourage self-harm or self-abuse.
  • In order to make sure alleged copyright or trademark infringements do not occur, the Pinterest Team released simpler tools for anyone who tries to report infringements.
  • The Pinterest Team also added language to help pave the way for new features such as Pinterest API and Private Pinboards.

Changes will take effect on April 6, and can be viewed on the Pinterest website.

What do you think about the new changes? Do you agree the changes will help position Pinterest in the direction it wants to head?


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