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PR? Pajamas? I think so!

What if I told you there was a one-stop shop for learning how to use public relations in your business? What if I told you this one-stop shop allowed you to learn about PR while staying warm and comfy in your pajamas? Yes, you read right-your pajamas! Well, you’re in luck my friend! This one-stop shop does exist, and is known as PR in Your Pajamas.

PR in Your Pajamas is an amazing blog where entrepreneurs, small business owners and those curious to learn more about do-it-yourself PR are able to come and find a ton of information on how to successfully use PR in a business. Elena Verlee is the mastermind behind PR in Your Pajamas, and is also the founder of Cross Boarder Communications.

Elena provides posts, tips and products to help you learn about the world of PR and the importance of having PR in your business. You can ask Elena questions, leave comments and give feedback.

PR is a crucial part of a business, but unfortunately it can be moved to the bottom of the pile and not budgeted for. However, with PR in Your Pajamas you have no excuse for not using PR to help promote and grow your business! If you have some time, I would recommend you go check it out! Make sure you come back and tell us what you think!


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