Professional Development Seminars

The Culture of Customer Service
Managers and leaders will learn how to build a culture that instinctually emphasizes customer service.  Focal points of the discussion include the important pieces that must precede excellent customer service and ways to encourage employees to be all about the customer.

Generational Management
For the first time ever, there are four generations in the workplace today.  Learning commonalities among the generations as well as their  diversity, can help you better manage them. Managers/Leaders will learn communication styles, how generations adapt to change, and how to customize management style to be successful.

Employee Engagement
There are some companies that are getting this right, but there are far more who are not.  Learn the value of engaging employees and just how it can mean more to your bottom line.

Building Effective Leaders
Some think that leaders are born, not made.  We think leaders can be made and can always improve leadership skills.  This training is tailored to what your organization needs in building effective leaders and coaching them as they grow and develop.

Managing Millennials
Connecting with millennials in the corporate world can be a challenge. Melanie will address the top 5 soft skills that employers say are missing with the millennial generation, along with the tools needed to bridge the gap.

Soft Skills (for college-age)
Surveys of the key skills employers are seeking in potential employees continue to show that missing soft skills  are at the top of the list among job seekers.  These skills are a necessity to be successful in the working world.  Attendees of this class will walk away with an understanding of the skills necessary to thrive and be prosperous in today’s world.  Topics covered include:
  • Developing and sustaining focus
  • Improving workplace communication efforts
  • Understanding a social sense of business
  • Demonstrating proof of follow through
  • Developing a sense of humility
  • Working collaboratively
  • Developing agility for the workplace

If you are interested in booking Melanie Hill for any of these seminars, please contact Sharon Whittaker at 334.790.3859.