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What do I do now?

Yesterday, as I sat there at my desk working I get this email notification. I won’t lie, at first glance of the subject line I thought, “What in the world is she sending me?” Sorry Kendell! But come on, with a subject line of “How to Help a New Grad Start a PR Career,” I was kind of thinking that she was dropping a hint and letting me know not to get my hopes up about that having a career right here at Whittaker Marketing.

But nonetheless, the click bate was there and I had to open it.


Much to my surprise, it was a forwarded email from the Public Relations Society of America, or better known to most as PRSA. The email contained some great information that I felt should be shared. Especially since I just KNOW that I have so many classmates from Troy University reading this blog, faithfully AND my family and friends are keeping up with what’s going on around the office as well (hint, hint).


So here we go….


Did you know that PRSA is the world’s largest organization of public relations professionals?? And, did you know that PRSA has many tools that could help you advance your career?


  • Training Opportunities
  • PRSA Job Center
  • Industry Focused
  • Industry Focused Publications
  • & more


However, just like everything else in life, it comes with a fee.


But, PRSA has a suggestion on how to get that fee paid.  Listen up PR students, someone can GIFT you a membership. That’s right.


I mean, to MY FAMILY, a vacation would make a great gift…. but if you just can’t swing that much, a PRSA membership will do.


Now go check out their site. Happy reading!


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